Bridals at Riverwood Mansion

I did bridal portraits for Ashley at the end of May and could not wait to share these. Of course, I had to wait so Jeremy wouldn't see what she looked like before they got married. They were married on Saturday and now I can finally share these from our session at the beautiful Riverwood Mansion. Hopefully I will have some wedding pictures to share of them in a few days.


Laura and Chris

Laura and Chris were married at historic Cedarwood. It's a beautiful old house and a great locations for weddings.

For each wedding held there, the couple gets to plant a rose bush. What a neat way to start out your marriage!
This was one of my favorite weddings. It was planned so well and as someone who pays attention to detail and anal about every little thing, I really appreciated it! Everything was coordinated in pink and black (without going overboard). I loved the mixture of gerber daisies and roses that accented each table, the cake and bouquet.
The kids had their own little sweets table.
And I loved these ducks!! So cute!
But the best thing about this day was sharing it with Laura and Chris. They are so sweet and truly love each other. When Laura walked down the aisle, Chris just kept saying, "Wow!" It was so sweet.


Logan and Kate

On Saturday, Logan and Kate were married at the beautiful home of Kate's aunt and uncle in Tullahoma. Kate and Logan are a couple who definitely likes to have fun. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding.

Logan was very proud of his hedgehog cake.

Ashley and Brandon

Ashley and Brandon's wedding was so much fun. Ashley's dress was top secret so she dressed with just her mom helping and then revealed it to all her attendants. Everyone agreed she was gorgeous!

The bridal party was so easy and great to work with!

I just loved these cakes!


Brittany and Jay - the engagement!

Brittany and Jay got engaged like many couples do - without the ring. Brittany was hoping the ring would be ready in time for the engagement pictures. Jay told her the bad news - it would not be ready. But what she didn't know was that Jay did have the ring and had talked to the photographer, me, and set up a surprise to make it memorable.

We got to the Opryland Hotel and I asked if Brittany had a favorite place and she liked outside the hotel. So I asked them if they had any ideas for poses that they wanted to do. So Jay said, "How about this?"

It was so much fun to be part of their engagement!! Thanks guys! Here's a few more from their session.



Zack is definitely two! He went where he wanted to go and did what he wanted to do. He was so determined NOT to look at me. He was such a cutie though!!


Ashley Michael Bridals

Now that Ashley is married, I can finally share her bridal portraits. We had so much fun at the Belmont Mansion!! Her dress was top secret, so only she and her mom got to see these pictures before the wedding.