Do you do weddings?
At this time, I no longer photograph weddings.

How long will our session take?
For most sessions, plan on 45 minutes to an hour.  For newborns, it will most likely take longer.  Typically with newborns, we need to stop and feed the baby.

What if my baby does not cooperate?
Most of the time, I can work with the baby to get the pictures we need.  Every now and then, though, we have to reschedule because the baby just is not in the mood for pictures.

What should we do to prepare?
Please make sure children have had adequate naps and meals before the session. 

What should I bring with me?
Be sure to bring any of the outfits you want for pictures.  Also, if there is a special toy, book, etc that your child loves, we can include these in the pictures.

What should we wear?
The proper clothing is very important in creating a successful portrait.  You do not want the clothing to be a distraction.  Think simple - avoid prints or large logos on clothing.  Feel free to have several outfits on hand and we can choose which will work best.

When can I see my pictures?
Within 1-2 weeks after your session, you will be emailed the link to view your images online.  You can share the link with family and friends and products and prints can be ordered there at your convenience.

What if we get sick before the session?
If you can, please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a session.

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