Destination Weddings

Shannon Hairr Photography is now available for destination weddings.  We booked our first destination wedding last year and were immediately hooked.  Destination weddings are a cost-effective way of hosting your wedding, since both your wedding and your honeymoon are in the same place. Additionally, most resorts offer wedding packages at reduced rates, or even free, to guests who are staying a certain number of nights.  Since destination weddings typically involve about half the guest list of traditional weddings, you can literally cut your reception budget in half.  The place to not skimp is your photography.  After your wedding day is over, the only thing you have left, other than memories, are your pictures.  Make sure you pick a photographer that you are comfortable with and that you can meet with before the wedding day.  In most cases, this may mean taking your photographer with you.  Many photographers charge an extra fee for traveling.  We do not do that.  We charge only our actual travel expenses plus whatever wedding package you choose.  We are easy and fun to work with, so if you are in need of a photographer to travel, give us a call!!  Here are some pictures from our Destin wedding last year.