Lilly - 6 months

This is Lilly and she has the most perfect cheeks and bright blue eyes.

Oh and how do you like my new backgrounds and flooring setup?
I think I love them!


Brittney & Scott - The Reception

The reception was held at the beautiful Cool Spring Embassy Suites.

The Reception was more of a party.  Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music by our good friend Brian Snyder.

I just love this look Brittney is giving Scott!

The Train!

Pooped from so much dancing!

The beautiful details . . .

It was a fabulous night!  Rusty and I were honored to be a part of it!!


Brittney & Scott - The Wedding

Brittney and Scott were married in a beautiful ceremony at the West Franklin Baptist Church.

Brittney's sister, Lindsey, and her mom helped her get ready.  She was absolutely radiant.  I loved how they shared these moments together, before revealing the "finished product" to the rest of the bridesmaids.

I LOVED how Brittney and all her bridesmaids had a prayer before the ceremony.  It was so neat - I wish everyone would do that.  It definitely set the tone for the wedding. 

Four of the bridesmaids played golf with Brittney at college.  They had a handkerchief made with each girls name embroidered on it.  As they each got married, their wedding date was added to it and they each carried it with them on their special day. 

Congratulations Brittney and Scott - May you have a lifetime of happiness!!



This is my new nephew.  He was the most cooperative baby EVER!!