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I am so excited about the new addition to my website. I now have a shopping cart feature where you can view your pictures, pick favorites, compare images, and purchase - all online. Hopefully, I have most of the bugs worked out, but if you find anything that doesn't seem right, please let me know. Shannon Hairr Photography Store


I just can't believe Cooper is 9 months old already. He's growing up so fast and is so cute. He smiles ALL the time!!


Ashley and Chad

Ashley and Chad were married at the Smyrna First United Methodist Church on August 11.

Tom's Florist did the flowers and they were beautiful. I couldn't decide which bouquets I liked better so I did the ring pictures with both.

Ashley did something different for the throwing of the bouquet. She had a "breakaway" bouquet so that when she threw it, it would fall apart. Each girl got a piece of the bouquet and they each had a saying on it. What a neat idea!!

Everyone was so great to work with - the day went by fast and was very enjoyable. They even cooperated when I wanted to take some pictures outside in the 100 degree weather.

Here's some more pictures to show how much fun we had.

A new take on the bridesmaids with the groom.

And this one just makes me laugh. Jill (mother of the bride) had to stand on a bench to put the best man, Brent's, boutonniere on.



Baby Alastair was not really in the mood for pictures Monday night. At 2 1/2 weeks, he was just the cutest little thing. He did finally settle down and let us get some good shots. His parents are referrals from my friend and hair stylist, Lila, who works at Tangerine. (Thanks Lila!!) She works for Alastair's daddy, Jim.


Ashley Lanning

Ashley and Chad were married today and since I am still copying pictures over and haven't even looked at them yet, I will share some from Ashley's bridal session for now. We went to the Belmont Mansion and took some portraits about a month ago. I love this one in the flowers. Ashley is not your typical girly bride so I think this first one is more her personality.


Baby Zeke

This is baby Zeke - only a few weeks old. Oh I LOVE doing newborn sessions. They are so fun. Makes me want another little one!!